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Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing

A fixed-wing aircraft has both advantages and disadvantages in comparison with rotorcraft.  Fixed-wing aircraft tend to be more forgiving in the air in the face of both piloting and technical errors, as they have natural gliding capabilities with no power.  Fixed-wing aircraft also are able to carry greater payloads for longer distances on less power.  

When precision missions are required, fixed-wing aircraft are at a disadvantage, as they must have air moving over their wings to generate lift.  This means they must stay in forward motion, which means they can’t hover in one spot the way a copter can and as a result cannot provide the same level of precise camera positioning. 

So for longer missions and more payload, a fixed-wing is your best choice. But for keeping a camera in one place, consider switching to a multicopter instead. The same APM autopilot can control that equally well by simply loading different code on the same autopilot .

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